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HerCapital was founded with the mission to empower women to become financially independent and to take control of their income.

We believe that every woman can and should be a confident investor. Through events, round tables, workshops, and an online knowledge base we hope to teach, encourage, and motivate women to take control of their income. Together, we are building a strong network of women who rise by lifting each other up.​

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On average, women invest 40% less than men.

Of all the assets controlled by women, 71% are in cash, or not invested.

65% of female non-investors find information about investing difficult to understand.

Add to that the gender pay gap, the fact that women's salaries on average decline faster than men's and that we live longer than men, the massive gender investing gap is hard to ignore.

HerCapital is here to educate and empower you on personal finance and investing.

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