About Us

At HerCapital, we empower women to invest in their future. As it stands today, women tend to shy away from investing and deploying their capital. We generally live longer and are often paid less than our male peers. Lagging behind significantly in terms of investing our money further impacts female financial strength.

Our Co-Founders

Rabiya Ather

Rabiya is responsible for systematic trading strategies and investor products structuring at Goldman Sachs. In her current role, she focuses on the design and distribution of systematic strategies for large institutional clients and asset allocators in North America. Outside of her passion for the markets, Rabiya cares deeply about social impact ranging from healthcare and education to financial literacy and inclusion. Previously, Rabiya conducted Health Policy and Systems Research at the World Health Organization in Geneva as well as fieldwork for the Polio Eradication Initiative in Pakistan. Starting her journey with a focus on women’s education and vocational training almost 10 years ago, she continues to mentor and support various social impact projects globally. Rabiya graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Applied Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science.

Zabreen Khan

Zabreen is currently an investor at Lead Edge Capital, a venture capital and growth equity firm based in New York. She focuses on software and internet investments and hopes to fund more female founders. Prior to Lead Edge, Zabreen worked at Facebook, Andreessen Horowitz, and Disney. Zabreen discovered her love for technology while at Stanford University where she studied Science, Technology & Society and Creative Writing. Zabreen graduated Phi Beta Kappa with Honors and Distinction and received the Robert McGinn Award as Valedictorian in her department. She has been a longtime proponent of female empowerment, starting in her hometown of Lahore, Pakistan where she worked to promote women’s education. Zabreen was a speaker for the 2015 TEDx Women’s movement and continues to be involved in female focused organizations.

Meet Our Team

Riley Brown


Riley is currently a Business Intelligence Analyst at T-Mobile. She focuses on business strategy for their home internet team, and hopes to educate more women about financial literacy.

Nadya Schafer

Editorial & Social Media

Nadya is currently based in Boston and involved in digital marketing at Roku, Inc. She's particularly passionate about female financial literacy, as well as sustainable investing. When she's not working with the HerCapital team, you can find her hiking, reading, and planning her next travel adventure.

Navya Gudimetla

Partnerships & Sponsorships

Navya Gudimetla is a junior at UT Austin studying finance and psychology. She is interested in entrepreneurship and investing. As a member of the team at HerCapital she hopes to help create valuable partnerships and sponsorships with empowering brands and individuals. During her free time, she likes reading, thrifting, and hiking.

Chloe Malikotsis


Chloe is a freshman at Georgetown University from Montreal, Canada studying Finance and International Business. Through her work at HerCapital, she hopes to empower women to become more financially literate.

Lisa Lam


Lisa is currently a Space Planning Analyst at The Home Depot based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She is passionate about the retail industry, everything fashion, personal finance, and women empowerment.

Yao Yin

Website & Development

Yao is currently an undergraduate student studying Physics and CS at Harvard. She is passionate about technology, food, visual arts, She enjoys working for non-profits and startups and is extremely into the natural sciences. Her dream is to become an astronaut. In her free time she enjoys cooking, running, doing art, eating, and people watching.

Catherine Zhao

Website & Development

Catherine is a freshman at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Economics. She's particularly passionate about widening access to financial resources for women along with the intersection of education and emerging technologies. When she's not working with the HerCapital team, you can find her trying her hand at baking macarons or scoping out art exhibits.

Kayla Huang

Website & Development

Kayla is a freshman at Harvard studying computer science and statistics. She is interested in using technology, math, and the sciences to advance social change and support education.

Anum Hassan

Website & Development

Anum is an incoming software engineer in the fintech space and holds degrees in both Biochemistry and Computer Science from Hunter College. She is passionate about uplifting voices from disadvantaged communities, as seen through her work teaching health education to 9th graders from underserved school districts, and hopes to empower women to become financially independent through HerCapital.

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