HerCapital & Public

November 12, 2020

Event Overview

We’ve partnered with Public to give you a crash course on social investing. This joint event between Public and HerCapital will provide a step-by-step guide to the investment account opening process in addition to details on Public's social investing platform. We will also be sharing key tips & tricks on getting started or continuing to build your investment portfolio, all while learning how to share and discuss your ideas with like-minded investors. The event will be led by Katie Perry (straight from Public!) and will be workshop style and interactive.

Public is a commission-free investing app that incorporates social functions so that users can tap into the collective wisdom of a community of investors. In addition to an in-depth how to, all attendees will receive $20 of credit to contribute towards their seed investment portfolio.

We hope that this will be an opportunity for our community to continue their investing journey and to find another forum where they can learn from and empower each other. Both first-time and experienced investors who are new to Public are welcome!


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